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Introducing the Paella Passport. The Paella Passport is a unique offering that allows you to create your paella in one of our 18’ stainless steel pans in the comfort of your own home. That’s your flavours, your methods, your setting with our professional equipment. 

There is nothing quite like serving family and friends from an authentic pan. You may select from any of our paellas listed on our Menu then place an order by call or by visiting the Order page.


Lalouani fell in love with the art of cooking as a young boy helping his mother and grandfather who also dedicated himself as a chef cook up a storm for his own family of 9 plus relatives. As he started showing interest in cooking he enrolled himself to study Hospitality for 3 years and now holds a Diploma of Senior Technician in the Hospitality industry.

He takes pride in continuing to educate himself with new techniques, recipes outside of his normal routine.
My business name Oranaise of Oran is a city which is based on making Paella in big crowds and hotels. I was intrigued by this dish, I tried it and loved it for the first time. I then started creating my own style of Paella’s and people also liked my own creation. That is why i dedicated myself in making Paella’s with my own techniques. Being in Australia for the past 5 years i noticed people also liked eating Paella’s,  which is why i wanted to create my own business and commenced creating my own style of Paella again.
As Chef Lalouani career advances on his own, customers are liking his unique Paella creations. I hope you get to see him in action making his Paella dishes around Adelaide festivals and private events.”




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we provide an authentic paella cooked right in front of your guests. We specialise in weddings, engagement parties, birthdays, house-warming parties, from small to large events

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